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Ostinato for Two Sisters escort wrote:
It's just sad to see continuously. see the review
Demote for Ablakat escort wrote:
again, I have to ask, why are you bringing cheating into this? There are threads on cheating. Women cheat on men, it's not just men who are cheaters. Anyway, nobody on this one is complaining about being cheated on. see the review
Forsworn for Hudagu escort wrote:
I'm merely pointing out how spark is nice but that shouldn't substitute for actually having someone who isn't toxic for you. It's great to find someone to be with but if being with that person makes you neurotic and not a better person, was that spark actually worth how it makes you feel. see the review
Pounced for Supat escort wrote:
Well I certainly appreciate that! It's not common around here. The loudest complainers have entire threads about fat women if you'd care to look. They not only want a good woman, but one THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO. It's fine! Just don't be a hypocrite. see the review
Estell for Robbie escort wrote:
Anyway you seem like a good guy and I hope you find a good match for yourself, if that's what you want. But please try to ditch the idea that the women who don't go for you are probably choosing to get abused by somebody. They are probably just holding out for a man they feel attracted to!! It's not wrong!! see the review
Inflamers for Keyria escort wrote:
Let me just make something clear. see the review
Ratite for Taeda escort wrote:
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