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Gaastra for Fjelma escort wrote:
Something seems fishy with this... see the review
Sizeman for Bjugg escort wrote:
I had the same thought.....I feel this is all about the friend and her intentions of having a hookup, but wanted it to look like a girls vaycay. I bet if the villa thing came up before tickets were bought, the GF would have np saying no. Her friend duped her. see the review
Chemics for Ihlona escort wrote:
Now I read Italianjob's comment above about Italian men being persistent about getting sex and I wish I didn't give her out to change her mind by saying I felt guilty about it. see the review
Cornemuse for Antonio escort wrote:
I commend you for taking action. Even if you don't feel like you did anything other than muddy the waters, you have demonstrated to your GF that there are potential dealbreakers in your relationship. see the review
Jbiafra for Aera escort wrote:
BUT..and it's a big BUT... see the review
Deadcenter for Keow escort wrote:
Since you have taken a stance, be prepared to back it up. And in the coming days you may get browbeaten with cajoling, bargaining, etc from your GF. see the review
Grog for Two Sisters escort wrote:
It will be normal for this to happen, but allow her to sink or swim on the merit of her choice to not go. If she follows through and cancels that is fine, if she doesn't, that's fine too. see the review
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